10 Latest Aadvanced Technology That will Appear in The Near Future

10 Latest Aadvanced Technology That will Appear in The Near Future
10 Latest Aadvanced Technology That will Appear in The Near Future - Technology has indeed we cannot let go of human life in this modern era, as if the technology already inherent within us.

Knowingly or unknowingly, every day we do with activities that are related to the use of simple technologies that either technology or technology super advanced, you cook using gas cookers only it also already included into the technology, using a blender, it also contains the application of technology in everyday life.

Along with the development of the times, any technology join the growing and will always innovate dar various developer-developer, there's an awful lot of improvement-improvement technology that we own not guessed it.

What's more, there are now quite a lot of super advanced technology that will be present to help the work of humans and facilitate activities, technology-advanced technology was made carefully and use a system that is quite sophisticated and designed as attractive as possible.

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What are the advanced technologies that will be in attendance? Refer to the commentary on the technology that will be attending the next few months:

1. Nintendo game Console Switches

Entry in the category of gaming, Nintendo is the latest gaming konsole Switch-made Nintendo that would bring more nostalgic atmosphere in the 90s, but this time it was designed with more sophisticated. Nintendo switches made with 1 package with various functions, you can play it like a regular gaming console or using the joypad.

Not only that, Nintendo this switch you can also play like android smartphone, Nintendo Reportedly will bring hundreds of sophisticated games and fun stuff to decorate the game.

Nintendo has also been working with various game developers to participate, Nintendo reportedly this Switch will be released in mid-2017.

2. Electronic Lock

Noke, is an electronic lock that can be opened only from your smartphone. Noke said himself taken from the pronunciation of No Key that means without a key, to open it you must have a Noke acces key already programmed in each device Noke.

Surely acces key on each device Noke vary, you can also share the acces key to your friend to open a noke.

Rather, noke may be opened if you know the access code.

The system uses bluetooth wireles Noke designed by FUZ Design, FUZ design itself says that it is the only padlock Noke bluetooth ever.

Noke will present at the upcoming 2017 to maintain the security of your belongings.

3. the Wigig

Wigig is the latest internet access devices will replace wifi Wifi speeds, given the diminished presence of many more over issues ranging from break-ins, and others.

Wigig speed access up to 8 GBPS which is certainly much faster than Wifi, But for the current range of Wigig is only about 30 m away. But researchers say that Wifi range it can still be extended.

With its speed until it reaches the 8 GBPS, not unlikely that technology later VR (virtual reality) can be accessed using the Wigig so no need too many wires and strewn HDSPA.

4. Google Jamboard

Indeed still like the usual android in General, which distinguishes it from other android devices is its size. As the name implies, jamboard is made with a fairly wide screen size nearly equals the Board.

Google Jamboard is created to facilitate meetings or activities of the company, Google jamboard discussion this is already integrated with the products of google cloud services so it will be easier to store data.

Other features are also the same as the regular android, can be used to play games, video call, chat and more.

Not yet known for sure exactly when it will be released, but Google's own party say that Google Jamboard this will present at the upcoming 2017.

5. Smart Sophisticated Clock

The name Matrix Power Watch, the shape is the same as the regular watches but has quite a lot of advantages that cannot be equated with other watches.

Matrix Power watch is a smart watches are made to continue to live by using the power of heat from the body.

This is a Wearable watch hours the battery is quite durable, because each is used. Matrix power watch will use the heat energy that is owned by the body to recharge its battery power so it would be better.

Indeed the energy used is not as strong as the smartphone, but the battery energy Matrix Industries as developers say that such energy was more than enough for an hour.

Matrix Power Watch is water resistant is also designed so that you can use for diving or swimming.

6. Invincible Car

More precise is said to be camouflage, Invicble car is a car that can fit in or berkamuflase with the surroundings like a chameleon, the car will change color as in the environment layout of the car.

This technology was created with the aim of avoiding an increase in crime and created for weapons surveillance.

7. the quantum computer

In shape does look like computers in General, various applications and any similar programs and virtually no difference. What distinguishes quantum computers with computers in General is the access speed that made thousands of times faster with other computers.

Quantum computers is designed to respond to any command with as quickly as possible and almost no loading 0.09 seconds.

8. Monorail

The monorail is the fastest rail cars made with super advanced technology to become the means of transport in a spur of the moment.

Monorail made with sufficient rail length and connecting multiple locations, for now the Monorail indeed already existed in the garden of New Zealand.

9. Transparent Car
Somewhat different from invincible car, transparent car was made with a unique design and feature transparent which can allow users or passengers see views of the outside glass window or a car without a car again.

This technology was already there however it is still in the development stage and will be present at the upcoming 2017 later.

10. The speed of Hyper Sonic
Given the large number of human work that requires a short period of time, a company in America created a hypersonic technology which allow users to travel thousands of times faster than a regular transportation.

Well, that's the last 10 advanced technologies that will be present in the next few months later, hopefully useful for you all

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